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Sharon K. Richards


Sharon K. Richards is an author, a poet and a channel who was trained by Ascended Master Teachers as one of their voices into the world.
She works with Ascended Master Teachers from on and off Earth as well as with a variety of beings from other dimensions. She has channeled messages for individuals and articles for the Master Teachers’ websites. Her most challenging and rewarding effort has been working with Master Teachers Djwhal Khul, Kuthumi and Morya in the Ageless Wisdom Evolving series.  In this series, the teachers expand and clarify their previous teachings. They also introduce new, deeper and sometimes controversial teachings because 21st century lightworkers are ready to expand their awareness yet again.

Individually and as a member of lightworker teams, Sharon has worked with Earth’s deva kingdom on healing projects, unification projects and projects clearing heavy, low energy. She has spent time with members of the Milky Way deva kingdom, exploring the process of deva evolution and the responsibilities of galactic-level devas. She has worked with  cosmic Keepers of Knowledge and Keepers of the Akashic Records who call themselves “We Who Know Such Things.”

Sharon’s path to becoming a voice for the Master Teachers is unusual. She recounts her intense, often surprising training experiences in Voices for the Ascended Masters – Masters don’t view channeling the way we do.

Sharon K. Richards


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