About Sharon

About Sharon K. Richards

Why a Dandelion

While dandelions are often unwelcome, they have a beauty all their own and their seeds become a metaphor for anyone who teaches. You send your words into the wind, never knowing where they will take root and what the result will be.

As a child, Sharon had flashes of precognition and intuitive knowing. Her mother was a student of the Ageless Wisdom, so the growth of the soul via reincarnation became part of Sharon’s belief system at an early age.

As an adult, she explored the Hindu Bhagavad Gita as well as the precepts of Buddhism before turning to a closer study of Master Teacher Djwhal Khul’s Ageless Wisdom teaching through Alice A. Bailey. She then felt called to Master Teacher el Morya’s Agni Yoga teachings through Helena Roerich.

No matter what her career title happened to be, Sharon has been a teacher at heart. The purpose that lives in her heart is empowerment.

Her poetry, the story of her training as a channel and her subsequent commitment to deliver the wisdom of the master teachers are all about empowerment.

For Sharon, teaching is not about best sellers, it is about empowering every individual to walk their personal spiritual path by making certain that teachings are there to be found by those who seek.

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