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From the time Sharon K. Richards started school, she wanted to be a teacher. Little did she imagine that becoming a voice for ascended master teachers and sharing the poetry that flowed from her soul would be the way she was meant to teach!


Sharon tells the story of her unanticipated connection with Master Teacher Jeshua and what came after she said “Yes” to the question he asked.

Voice for the Ascended Masters
Voices for the Ascended Masters

Voices for the Ascended Masters, Masters don’t view channeling the way we do recounts Sharon’s arduous training journey, not only from her perspective, but from the perspective of those teachers who worked with her as well. The master teachers asked her to include technical information not elsewhere available about their recruiting and pre-birth preparation of those who become their voices. Both perspectives are interwoven throughout the book. Voices for the Ascended Masters is garnering five-star reviews on Amazon and has been well received internationally.

Preview the first chapter of Sharon’s amazing book by clicking here. The entire story is available on today in both paperback and e-book format.

Amazon Reviews  

A “Must Read” for Anyone Interested in Channeling!
What a beautiful blend of story-telling, foundational information about how channeling works and wonderful content to help us expand into our full potential!

Highly Recommended
This book proved to be both an interesting and insightful read. . . . I really enjoyed how this book laid out the different types of channeling and the aspects of each one.


The unexpected flow of poetry from her Sharon’s soul led her to re-evaluate not only who she was, but who she would become. Her life mission then became authoring four books of her soul’s poetry.

She completed two of those books before channeling for the master teachers claimed priority.

Word Songs from my soul – Volumes I and II

Sharon’s poetry has had wide and varied influence, appealing to retired clergy and devout lay persons as well as students of New Age spirituality. A U.S. human rights organization that counsels individuals who have been traumatized by severe abuse included “Prayer to My Soul” from Word Songs from my soul II in their published collection of poetry and art that supports emotional healing and restoration of the human spirit.

Inspired by Word Songs from my soul I, Martina Violetta Jung, an international businesswoman, took pen in hand to write her first poem. She is now known in Germany and elsewhere as “the business poet,” one whose poetic themes make clear the necessity of including heart and soul (not to mention poetry) in otherwise rigid business and political equations.

Word Songs from my soul I and Word Songs from my soul II are available from Amazon in both paperback and e-book format.

Word Songs from my soul I
Word Songs from my soul II
A Preview from Word Songs from my soul II

Word Songs from my soul has found a place in the hearts of readers in the United States and abroad. Sharon K. Richards’ poetry ranges from mysticism to whimsy and has struck a chord with many who have undertaken a spiritual journey in their daily lives. Below, you’ll find a poem that applies as much today as when it was first arose from the depth of Sharon’s meditation. Read and share.


A child of God
I stand here silent.
A child of God
I cry.

The Earth is torn
by my own making —
I partook in every way
by what I did
did not do
as abuse won out the day.

A child of God
I lift my prayers,
my sleeves roll up in service.
Abuse stops here.
A new world build.

It starts
with me



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