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Based on her training and work with those from other dimensions as well as those from off-Earth, Sharon K. Richards offers opportunities to indulge your curiosity and expand your awareness in three generic categories:

  • You, Your Soul and Your Evolving Self
  • Other Dimensions
  • Ageless Wisdom Teachings Appropriate for the 21st Century

Sharon is aware that the master teachers have drawn an international audience and appropriate flexibility of delivery is currently under consideration.


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                                 There are no events on Sharon’s schedule at this time.

Previous Event: March 7, 2020

BodyLabUSA Wisconsin Holistic Healing & Wellness Fair Hudson, Wisconsin.

Sharon’s half-hour introduction to the spiritual growth aspect of 20 different chakras —  information revealed to her by the People of Oblan from the constellation Orion — was well received.



Classes for Expanded Awareness
The Other 13 Chakras and Personal Spiritual Growth

(A gift of information from the People of Oblan in the Constellation Orion)

“The people of Earth are just beginning to understand who they are and who they can be.”
Oblan Elder

Primary Workshop
The people from the planet Oblan, located in the vicinity of Orion’s elbow, have been assisting the people of Earth since the time of Lemuria. One of the Oblan first communicated with Sharon in 2014. Among other services, the Oblan offer humanity expanded awareness about the value of 20 different chakras within the chakra system.

“The Other 13 Chakras and Personal Spiritual Growth” workshop introduces the Oblan and as well as the location of the 13 chakras you might not be aware of. We’ll explore the contribution that each of 20 chakras can make to your outlook and personal spiritual journey.

Optional Add-On
Introduction and channeled Q&A with one or more off-Earth beings Sharon works with.

Workshop Only – $47.00
Workshop PLUS Add-On – $57.00

This Workshop Not Yet Rescheduled




Future Classes 

Devas and “Mother Nature, Inc.”

Everyone knows Mother Nature . . . or do they?

Pull back the dimensional curtain for a closer look at Mother Nature’s work force: The Deva Kingdom of Earth.

Explore the seven deva regions of Earth and the roles that devas play for “Mother Nature.” Fairies. perhaps the best-known members of the deva kingdom, serve as supervisors for lesser devas and the elementals, who are literally the tiny building blocks of everything.

As one deva observed to Sharon, “The accelerators and colliders used by your physicists play havoc with the elementals.”

Sharon will share her interactions with the devas and her experiences in their kingdom.

Elves of Earth – a Story that Begins with the Devas in Atlantis

“Earth is the only planet in the Cosmos that has an Elven Kingdom.” Master Teacher Jeshua

Learn how, when and why the Elven Kingdom split from the Deva Kingdom. Separation into two kingdoms began shortly before the fall of Atlantis. That fall and the split had consequences for devas, elves, humans and master teachers both on and off Earth.


No Classes Currently Scheduled


Ageless Wisdom Potpourri

Ageless Wisdom Evolving: 21st Century Perspectives

This is a Survey Class covering such topics as The Importance of the Moons of Spring, Journey of Return to Source, Soul Families, Past-Life Amnesia, Karma Updated, Off-Earth Allies and more.

Master Teacher Djwhal Khul has made it clear that he would like to channel a few words. Other teachers indicate they will be available for Q&A.

Sharon draws on her channeling experience with Master Teachers to present a survey of 21st Century material . . .  some of which has not yet been published.

This Class Not Yet Rescheduled


Future Classes 

Soul Families, Soul Neighborhoods and Karma

Sharon shares information gathered in preparation for Reincarnation – Earth and Elsewhere from the Ageless Wisdom Evolving series, some of which expands today’s common assumptions about karma.

Content also includes perspectives of

  • Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine and Divine Balance
  • The impact of past-life amnesia on spiritual growth
Contentious Views in Today’s Anthropology Traced to a Split in Lemuria

Sharon shares channeled information about a split in the human family during Lemuria that sheds light on competing anthropological theories today. She shares what she has learned both from the devas and the ascended master teachers about the transition from Lemuria to Atlantis.

Other-dimensional Beings I Have Met

Sharon relates her experiences as she has learned of and/or interacted with other-dimensional beings she never knew existed.

Content includes an overview of beings and their cosmic roles as explained to her. The current list includes beings such as Keepers of Knowledge, Keepers of Law and Tradition, Those Who Know Such Things, Stellar Councils, Cosmic Councils and more.


Ageless Wisdom Potpourri

No Classes Currently Scheduled


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