Private Readings

Private readings can provide answers to questions that arise in your life and/or spiritual journey.

Sharon K. Richards can help you Explore Your Pre-Birth Life Plan or offer Channeled Readings with Ascended Master Teachers.

Phone, Skype or In-Person. Schedules arranged to accommodate US and international time-zones.


Life Plan Exploration

Your Life-Plan Exploration goes beyond a straight read of the Akashic Record.

Sharon takes you back to witness your pre-birth planning conference.  Those souls involved in your life plan will be present. You’ll learn what you and they had to say.

Once the decisions relating to your primary question have been witnessed in context, Sharon channels one or more of those present so they can comment more fully or answer questions that arose based on what you have just learned. Sometimes that leads to a past life and we explore the happenings of that life as well.

Life-Plan Readings – Phone, Skype or In-Person

Session length varies. An exploration to answer your primary question(s), including discussion with those involved, can run from 50 to 75 minutes.
Flat fee – $150.

In-Person appointments

Helping You Heal Center
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Client Comments

Deep Gratitude
I am trying to put into words how grateful I am to have gone on this journey.

My life path reading/channeling was eye opening! Much different than Akashic record reading, it was for me full of loving information. I felt surrounded and supported by loving family, Guides, Angels, and Universal energies. The channeling confirmed that my goals are my path and also let me know where my help will come from on the other side.

My urgent questions were answered by my family through Sharon and I am so grateful for this knowing. New doors are opening for me and I am excited to move forward, knowing that I have the support and love from so many. The input from my family added clarity and love to my reading. I joyfully step forward on my path.

–Nancy K.

No Longer Stuck
Sharon did a personal Life Plan Exploration reading with me and I was bowled over by the information she had to share. She brought clarity to my relationships with my family, especially my mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s.

We also discussed some latent abilities that I have and what I could do with them. There were so many things we talked about, I had to listen to my recording over and over.

If you are feeling stuck like I was, I highly suggest you try a session with Sharon and her guides. I think you will find it quite enlightening!

–Janelle C.


Private Readings

Several master teachers have agreed to work through Sharon for private readings. Among them are:

Lady Nada
Lady Nada’s specialty is healing those who have been damaged by strict, sometimes cult-like ideology.

Omstara from the constellation Cygnus
Omstara leverages the energies of joy in creative work and problem solving.

St. Germain
St. Germain is an holistic healer. He tends to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of being human.

Mother Mary
Mother Mary (who often likes to be seen as “Mary, a mother”) focuses on growing the human spirit with a heartfelt interest in mothers and children.

Jeshua, a.k.a. Jesus of Nazareth, is a favorite of many. Unfortunately, his availability is limited due to his current work load, but he wishes to have his name listed. Sharon will do her best to schedule appointments that fit everyone’s calendar.

Other Teachers
are likely to come through depending on the nature of questions presented.

Biographical Information about these or other master teachers available here.

Readings With Master Teachers – Phone, Skype or In-Person
  • 30 minutes – $60
  • 45 minutes – $90
  • 60 minutes – $120
In-Person appointments

Helping You Heal Center
5898 Omaha Ave N
Suite #2 – Upper Level
Stillwater, MN 55082

Client Comments

More Than Words of Wisdom
It wasn’t just the words of wisdom that I received from my readings with Sharon that impacted my life. It was more about the way the readings made me get in touch with that inner part of myself that was so long ago buried.

With every reading that I did with Sharon, I felt the energy of the being(s) as they came through her. As I tuned into those feelings, I could even start to distinguish between the different energies they each gave off. This was exhilarating to discover and feel! This allowed me to explore and learn more about the spiritual part of me inside that I didn’t even know existed.

I can guarantee that the readings I did with Sharon changed the direction of my spiritual path in ways I couldn’t have even fathomed, and I am forever grateful for her and for those who came through her for me.

–Suzann C.

Supportive Atmosphere
Sharon is a clear channel,
creating a lovingly supportive atmosphere and utilizing her many years of experience of dedicated practice to service. The healings have been continuing with me and I am still in communication with the masters from our session. What a delightful experience to have this high level of communication. Thank you!

–Julia Harrell, Novato, CA

High Praise and Gratitude
Sharon provides access to updated teachings and personal guidance from the Community of Spiritual Masters.

She is definitely the “real deal” as a clear channel for several Master Teachers and cosmic mentors. High praises and gratitude for the heartfelt guidance, assistance, and ageless wisdom provided to individuals and humanity.

Life changing, Earth changing and humanity unifying.

–Joanne K.

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